Get back to
the  reason
you started
your business

With strategic business support solutions driving your business forward, your business will run efficiently and effectively so that you can focus on what you do best.

get organized

systemize your processes

save time

Surviving in Business is Not Thriving in Business

And when things start to fall through the cracks, appointments get missed, and things aren’t quite up to par, you realize that you may not even be surviving.


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Sierra has been working with me as an Executive Assistant for over a year. Although she is 100% remote, and I have never really “met” her in person, I have loved getting to know her! She is so personable and easy to work with. She happily takes on whatever task I ask her to do with a smile, and her Southern Charm. Her role requires her to perform tasks that are both business and personal in nature, and she has handled them all extremely professionally, and smoothly.


– Dr. Yahya Radwan, DDS, President & CEO, Bay Area Kids Dentist

Amplified Innovation has been impactful with our large start-up by ensuring that all foundational steps are successfully addressed. Staying on top of tasks and helping to take the pressure off the principles has enabled our company to move faster and more efficiently than anticipated.


– Benefits Claims Intelligence
Sierra is great at jumping in and adapting to all situations. She handles my clients with great attention, professionalism, and care from first contact to the closing of cases. I’m grateful for her dedication and vision, helping to ensure all operates smoothly.


– Jenny Kiesewetter, Owner and Managing Attorney of Kiesewetter Law Firm
Sierra has been supporting my team for many years and we are so blessed to have someone who is so dedicated in supporting our clients. No matter what the task, Sierra steps up to the challenge with enthusiasm and a positive attitude giving Life to every project…


– Paula R. Walls, Owner & Business Manager
I have had the pleasure of working with Sierra for many years on various projects. She really has an eye for creativity and detail. Her passion for helping others reach their goals shows through her work. She is highly motivated and so easy to work with.


– Brandi Morgan, Owner/ Fitness Trainer of brandishefitness
I have always enjoyed working with Sierra. She is resourceful and has an incredible work ethic. Projects have always been completed in a timely manner with great communication throughout. I would not hesitate using her for a short or long term set of tasks or a larger assignment. She is extremely efficient and stays mindful of ways to make improvements to benefit your business!


– Staci Bishop, Entrepreneur
Sierra is a consummate professional. She is very creative, bright, steady and reliable. I am lucky that I found her to support me in my multileveled business.


– Priti Robyn Ross, International Workshop Leader and Yoga Teacher Trainer

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What makes Amplified Innovation so different?

  Whether you are a small business, a new start-up or a non-profit organization, we can help.  

is   this

 Small Businesses 

We work directly with you or your team to develop a solid, strategy-based plan. We focus on leading your team to operate efficiently and effectively, so your energy can be focused on other priorities.

 New Start-ups 

If you are new to business and need someone to get your business off on the right (strategic) foot, that’s what we’re known for. From creating a solid foundation, to supporting you with launch.

 Non-Profit Organizations 

If you need someone to help structure your non-profit to run effectively and efficiently, we can help.

Choosing to partner with us will give you the peace of mind in knowing that everything is strategically systemized, eloquently executed, and tastefully taken care of.

Build the day to day balance you’ve never let yourself have for fear of everything falling apart; no need to worry any longer.

Project Coordination

Quality Control & Support

Administrative Organization

Streamlined Operations Structure

How we’ll  work together

1. Book a Strategy Call
2. Develop Strategic Solutions
3. Build a Thriving Business
We work locally within Tennessee and virtually around the globe.

What’s My Investment?

How much is it costing you when you miss deadlines and appointments?

How much could you save by having systemized processes in place?

Could your team run more efficiently by having the proper communication tools?

How can we get your business back on track and running smoothly?

How can we get you out of fight or flight mode and back to meeting your company goals?

When you partner with Amplified Innovation we help your business thrive again…. this is your investment!

We know what it’s like to live and work in overwhelming chaos, and the balancing act that must go with it, so we promise to know your business as well as you do.

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